Tis the Season of Giving: Christmas on Campus


Geneivieve Krier and I taking a picture with Santa and his elves.

There is nothing like giving back to the community and spreading a little Christmas joy to those less fortunate and can’t afford a Christmas.

Christmas season at Chaminade is one of my favorite times of the year. From all the Christmas lights on the buildings around campus to the decorated offices to the big, decorated Christmas tree in the Loo Center and to the nativity scene placed right by the McCabe Gym. Why can’t Christmas be all year long at Chaminade?

I have participated in Christmas on Campus for the past two years as a performer with the Tahitian Club. It is always fun to dance with your club after performing in PIR earlier in the semester. The families really enjoy when the student clubs come out perform for them.

My favorite part during the event is the singing. I love singing Christmas carols. Also, I like when Santa comes out and you see all the children’s faces light up. I think that would probably be the highlight of the whole night for me.

Students and faculty observing and participating at Christmas on Campus.

Each year, Campus Ministry and the Chaminade community come together once again to host 10 invited families from Palolo for Christmas. Chaminade students and staff are given the opportunity to sponsor an underprivileged family and spend an evening with them.

The event begins at 6 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 in the Henry Hall Courtyard. If you have nothing do or want to take a break from studying, come on down and embrace in all the holiday cheer.

It is such a great way for the University to give back to the community. This is just one many ways that Chaminade is able to bring communities together and serve as a large community.

Christmas on Campus has become a popular event that many students get involved in around the holidays. This year we have many student clubs participating such as the Marianas Club, Tongan Club, Lumana’i O Samoa Club, the Marianists, Education Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, and many more.

Throughout the night, each club will get the chance to get to know the families they have been shopping for and have some fun time with the kids. There is nothing like seeing a smile on children’s faces when they open up their presents and knowing that you help put it there.

The event includes dinner, gift giving, a photo booth, gingerbread house making, and entertainment by the Chaminade community. The Steppers Club, Belly dance Club, Temana Tahitian Club, Hawaiian Club and some Christmas caroling done by LOS are the entertainment for the night.

Let’s not forget the important guest that is one of the big highlights of the night and the part that all the children look forward to seeing at the end of the night: Santa Claus. The children from each family will be able to go up to Santa and tell him what he or she wants for Christmas.