Think politics


Barack Obama celebrated his re-election by posting this photo on his Twitter feed.

It was exciting to see on Tuesday, during the 2012 presidential elections, so many people supporting their candidates and “fighting” for their beliefs.

Studying political science during the elections, almost feels like a World Cup or a Super Bowl with all the rush and passion that it brings. It’s a definite moment of changes and we all get to be part of it.

Some people may think it is insanity to still have Barack Obama as a president, two states legalizing marijuana, and to watch two others legalizing gay marriage; but that’s history.

There were campaigns all over the place, including Facebook, reaching out for citizens and especially the youth. The youth’s lack of participation during elections is usually generalized as apathy or lack of interest, which has always been an issue in this country.

Although the young crowd faced some obstacles prior to voting – including confusion on voter identification requirements, voting laws and polls placement – the voter turnout this year was higher than in 2008.

According to the early National Exit Poll, 19 percent of voters from ages 18 to 29 voted on Tuesday, which was an increase by 1 percentage from the 2008 election.  Obama won 60 percent from the youth’s vote against Romney’s 36 percent.

The youth need to start making politics a priority and take advantage of it. There are many people out there, especially in communist countries, that pray for the day they will have their voices heard without having to die, for the day they will be allowed to write something about the government without getting locked up and especially for the day they can proudly vote without losing their humanity.

This is our future, and we should not let our parents or the older generation chose what is best for this country. The youth need to educate themselves and fight for their beliefs.

It’s understandable when many argue that the government is corrupted; unfortunately, all humans are animals searching for power. The change needs to start within the individual first, instead of waiting for other’s to make a change.

Democracy still exists, and everyone needs to be part of it. We need to make history, and it starts here.