Mathias Berbel

Mathias Berbel was born Nov 1, 1989, he was raised in Simi Valley, California, where he embraced his southern California lifestyle. He was a very talented soccer player while in high school, which helped him receive a college scholarship for soccer. Soccer allowed him to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he studied communications and broadcast journalism. New Mexico was the first step to Mathias’s journey because it gave him the motivation to get up and go somewhere he’s never been before. 6 months after being in New Mexico, Mathias decided to take his soccer career to Hawaii where he played for Chaminade University for one year. Mathias stopped playing soccer following that year to concentrate on school and improve on his broadcast journalism major. Mathias will be graduating from Chaminade University Fall 2012.

Mathias has many interest and hobbies but his passion for sports is what makes him wake up in the morning. He is a die hard Los Angeles Clippers fan, and Atlanta Falcons fan. He will try to watch every game and will be able to talk about the game for hours after it is over. His life time goal is to be able to fire Skip Bayless because he wants his job in the near future.

Mathias’s motivational quote is “Achievement without adversity is a meaningless endeavor.”

Mathias Berbel, Staff Writer

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Mathias Berbel