Jack Stater
Jack Stater is a jack of all trades but a master of none. He started playing basketball when he was a young lad and had high hopes of dunking a basketball one day. That dream became a reality in 2013 and he is proud to say that he can still dunk a basketball at his old age of 22. He grew up in Pennsylvania skateboarding and wakeboarding with friends on the Ohio River. When he moved to Hawaii in 2014 for school, he quickly transferred the muscle memory that he had developed from wake surfing behind a boat and took on the Hawaiian swell. His favorite way to pass the time and fill the void is with music seeing that his parents are both music teachers by trade. Jack was forced to learn how to play the piano and how to sing. He picked up the guitar in 2014 and can play (give or take) forty-five songs from memory while singing along. When he is not in class studying communications and environmental science, he is working at a surf shop in Waikiki sharing the aloha spirit with tourists learning to surf.

Jack Stater, Staff writer

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