2013 NFL Draft Most Interesting Picks

Caption of 2013 NFL Draft

Caption of 2013 NFL Draft

 Last weekend’s NFL draft presented exciting drama on the similarities and differences of action packed players entering the league. Here are 10 of the most astounding comments and critiques on future NFL participants.

Here are 10 of the most interesting picks in the draft:

10. In the 6th Round with the number 4 pick the Oakland Raiders select Nick Kasa, a 6’6” Tight End from Colorado University. A player drafted a little late announced that the draft was purely a mental test for him. Kasa said he was asked, “Do you like girl?”

9. Stanford 6’8” Tight End Levine Toilolo was selected by the Falcons in the 4th round the 36th pick. Toilolo is a West Coast guy heading all the way to Atlanta to continue his career in a play that can be a complete new weather change for him and he’s taking the challenge head on

8. To start off the 4th Round with the 1st pick, the Philadelphia Eagles choose to team up their outstanding Wide-Receiver DeSean Jackson with 6’2” Quarterback from USC, Matt Barkley.

7. 7th round 36th pick last picked in the draft is South Carolina Tight End Justice Cunningham by the Indianapolis Colts. Mr. Irrelevant as the draft announcers call him, he said to Nikki Woods on a video interview, “Hard work pays off and it’s great make a dream come true.”

6. After the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, and lost Ray Lewis they come into the draft and selects Matt Elam, a 5’10” Defensive Back from University of Florida to be a Free Safety as the 32nd pick of the first round. Elam is a force on the line that plays with great vision while running through blocks and fighting around guards according to the NFL draft profile.

5. Terrance Williams a 6’2” wide receiver from Baylor University has the ability to gain a step on the defense with and extra gear and track the ball while he’s in the air. Williams was selected by the Dallas Cowboys as the 12th pick in the 3rd. His ability to run a 4.5 second 40 yard-dash and great hands earned him a spot on the Cowboys roster.

4. San Diego Chargers  selects 6’1”, Inside Linebacker  from Notre Dame, Manti Te’o selected in the 2nd round for the 38th pick. Stephen A. Smith said, “If I am looking at tapes and athleticism then the second round. Although, Skip Bayless said, “I was shocked, I thought Manti could go anywhere from 1st-round number 15 to 32.”

3. In the 2nd round with the 39th pick in the NFL draft, the New York Jets selected the Quarterback from West Virginia, Geno Smith. The pick by the Jets on draft night resulted in mixed feelings from the Jets fan’s cheers and boos. To put Smith on the Jet’s will pad the Quarterback position and Peter Schrager said, “He may need more time to adjust and fine-tune his abilities…I gives this selection a C-grade!”

2. After the great season in San Francisco, the 49ers received the 18 pick in the draft from an agreement with the Dallas Cowboys. The Niners made a bold decision by selecting Eric Reid a 6’1” Free Safety from Louisiana State University. He entered the draft after his junior season in hopes to utilize his speed as a professional. He’s a member of one of the best college defenses in the nation playing in the BCS bowl and winning the SEC title. His 91 tackles 7 pass breakups 1-interception. He was selected in the all-american team in 2011. In the NFL he will be positioned in Special teams and multiple defense coverages.

1. As Miami Dolphins conclude their First-Round 3rd Pick choosing Dion Jordan, a 6’6” Defensive End from the University of Oregon. Charles Davis and Brian Billick he’s a good solid player with a lot of flash and word around the leagues says he’s one of the best pass-rushers in the draft.