New athletic office opens in Henry Hall


The new permanent athletic office just moved to Henry Hall.

Chaminade Athletics Office moved to Henry 221 on Aug. 20 just right before the new students orientations. The athletic office had always been at “Shelley or the Shack;” this is the first time the Chaminade athletic office moved to another place on the campus. The athletic director knew that for a year that they were planning to move to another building, but they did not know the exact day.

“We knew about it for about a year, we just didn’t know the exactly day when we are going to be able to actually physically move to this new athletic office,” said Bill Villa, the athletic director.

The architect did the assignment but had to do some adjustment to figure out how big the office is and how they going to set up the office. Then the athletic office had to wait until the construction was completed before they have to move to the new athletic office.

“We knew that we are going to moved to Henry 221,” Villa said.

Moving to a new athletic office does not change anything about giving away scholarships or getting more money for the student athletes. Everything stays the same. The office new location will help the new students athletes find the office easier because they share the same location as many of the classroom.

“The moved will help us the athletic was that because we will be able to get this new offices,” Villa said. “Now some of our coaches got our former offices so it will a lot them to have better place to work.”

This move also helped some of coaches to have a better office place to work, basketball coaches volleyball and they other coaches for the programs everybody had the space now to work on before the coaches where working wherever they can find so this move helped everyone.

The athletic director and his department were not in to this move because they were going to get split apart from the coaches. Now as they getting used to it and realize that it more convenient for the student athletes to go there at Henry 221 to visit the new office.

“I really like the new office,” Villa said. “ The new parking structure is closed to our building. First I thought parking will be a problem but now that it is solved, I have grown to like it.”

After this move, the athletic office is still discussing a couple things about space availability. Right now the idea is a bottom of a new parking there is a big space down there Chaminade and Saint Louis high school are in discussion how they’re going to handle that space to build a storage or a big athletics training room, but they still in discussion hopefully they will figured out soon to start build a new athletics training room.