RHA Hosts Dance For Students, Commuters


Cayla Martin

Students express their creative dance styles while neon lights flash across the room.

The Clarence T. C. Ching Conference Center came to life with the lights and sounds of celebration as the Residence Hall Association (RHA) held its first Catching a Rising Silverstar Dance on Saturday, Feb. 17. It was a place for Chaminade students to unwind as the entire room became a dance floor.

“The event went way better than I expected and so many have reached out saying how much fun they had,” said Savannah Lyn Delos Santos, president of RHA. “And that was definitely the goal of the event. No matter what happened as long as the students who came out made great memories, then we fulfilled our goal.”

Cayla Martin
Henna-tattoo artist Tiffany Sugiyama-Bakrim adds the finishing touches on one student, while others wait patiently for their turn.

According to Dalton Alatan, the RHA public relations manager, 65 residents and 10 commuters attended the event.

“[My favorite part was] the overall atmosphere, hanging out with friends and enjoying the time,” said Brittney-Ann Eugenio-Mendoza, a 19-year-old commuter from Punchbowl.  

“It was pretty good, not a lot of people danced though,” said 20-year-old Catie Madden, a resident of Kieffer Hall.

Despite the shortage of dancers, students still enjoyed themselves with the henna tattoos, photos and snacks. RHA was able to get Chronic Tacos to cater the event. The association also provided sweet treats by setting up a candy bar in the back of the room.

“The reason [for this event] is to promote community in the school so we are including everyone,” Alatan said. “We also want to provide an event that is a safe one for students to mingle while eating Chronic Tacos, get [sic] a henna tattoo, dance [sic], or even take [sic] photos. We want everyone to come.”

Some students expressed that they would want another event similar to this one.

“Yes [I would want this type of event again] because I love to hang out with friends and dancing [sic] and the atmosphere was exciting, plus there was a photobooth and I love taking pictures with friends,” Eugenio-Mendoza said.

In April, RHA will be hosting a Street Festival on campus.