CUH seeks student-run social media


Ka'ui Perreira

Chaminade studnts are to say the least tech-savvy and can’t live without social media.

By Ka'ui Perreira, Staff Writer

The Chaminade University Marketing Department is looking for current students to help promote the university. CUH has been trying to find a new approach to bring in prospective students as well as engage current students.

The Marketing Department hopes to utilize the skills and interest of current CUH students through mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and maybe even Twitter. An idea that is in the making is a 30-second student video or faculty exposure lets followers see a preview of some of the people that they might see on campus. It is a good way to get to know the rest of the CUH community on a personal level.

“It adds a personal touch to everyone who visits the social media so instead of followers just receiving application prompts and open house event invites, they are learning about different clubs they could join on campus” said Enrollment Content Specialist Ethan West, who is in charge of this new proposition of student involvement with marketing. “They’re seeing the individual students that they will meet in there time here that will become peers, colleagues and in many cases lifelong friends. If this program helps to connect even just one person with a club or a way of helping them explore and expand their passion then in my mind, it will have been a success.”

There would be rules to regulate what is being put out to the CUH family and followers of the CUH admissions page. West would oversee the activity on the CUH admissions social media pages. The Marketing Department has full confidence that the students will do a great job at promoting CUH with their own creativity and flair.

Chaminade is currently home to approximately 1,200 students in the undergraduate program. It welcomes students from all over the world to receive a prestigious degree in a community founded in the Marianist Catholic values.

“We have one of the most diverse campuses in the nation and there’s no way that just one person can accurately depict that,” said West. “Our students are passionate, active, involved. And everybody has such a unique experience at Chaminade and an array of personal interests that we wanted to give the chance to our community to be a part of sharing what they love, to take part in telling our story that we all help write to the world.”

In the past, CUH has done a great job producing student narrated tour videos to help promote enrollment. Now, it is taking it a step further and asking current students to share their ideas and interests with their CUH family from a social media standpoint.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Spencer Darden, XXXXXX. “Student activities on campus are starting to increase and I think if we are given this opportunity we can help make Chaminade a more attractive school to students that are thinking about coming to Chaminade and also current students here.”

Any and every current student at CUH is welcome to get involved. If you or anyone you know would be interested in promoting Chaminade University, email Ethan West at [email protected] for more information. 

“I think it’s a good idea that they are getting student involvement because obviously they know they are students themselves so they know what they what, what they like to see,” said Chantelle Aguilar, senior and CUH Communications Club president. “By having them being in charge they can better provide information and events for viewers to see.”