Married in College

Married in College

you never know what your future will be

When I first got to Chaminade as a freshman in 2009 I was really excited about college life, beautiful girls everywhere, partying all the time. If you told me that I was going to get married my senior year I would have told you there’s no way it would happen, but here I am in my senior year and married to Kayci Will.

Being married and in college can be challenging a learning experience everyday but it’s a great life that I chose for myself.

I met Kayci during my freshman year. We were both living in same dorm, Iolani Terrace.  We used to hang in the dorms and go out together on the weekends with the same group of friends. She also used to be my tutor at the AAP in the Student Career Services Department. While she was working as my tutor, she helped me with all sorts of subjects and was my main tutor. She often came over to my room to help me with my English and watch some T.V. On the weekend we would go out, but during the week she was back to business and I was just her tutee. It was kind of weird for both of us in the beginning, but there was nothing really going on between us.  But throughout the season we started dating and things started to get more serious and she remained my tutor.

All my teammates like to go out, and sometimes I like to join them. Our leisure habits have changed a little bit since getting our own apartment and Kayci works a full time job. Occasionally Kayci comes out with us but most times watching T.V. and going to bed sound like better options for her. My teammates like to tease me and tell me that I am an old man, married and cannot go out. I would rather stay home, lay on the couch, and watch T.V. then go out stay late. That’s the married life.

Since I got married and am still finishing classes, a lot of people ask me why I got married so soon.  Some think I’m too young to get married now. But I’m not really that young I’m 24 years old and Kayci is 23. I wanted to be married because I love Kayci. We were together for four years and I thought that this was the perfect time to get married.

Getting married during my senior year was something that I wanted to do it didn’t just pop up in my mind. But I thought about it when I was dating her and I decided to go to see her family during Christmas break. She had a beautiful family and nephews, and I’m happy to be married. It’s a new experience for me.

We were married for about two weeks before I moved in with her because we were looking for apartment and I was talking to Residence Life to figure out if I can get housing money for next semester. There was also no cable, or Internet at our new place. Since we got cable our apartment has seemed more like home.

I am very grateful for this whole experience and I can’t wait to spend my life with this wonderful woman.