The finals game


Studying in a coffee shop with a slightly noise atmosphere might help students to stay focus.

Most students take 13-19 credits, which is at least five to seven classes a semester. When it heads into finals times, it means having an exam or writing in essay for every class. On top of it, students still have to manage their daily life. This normally results in procrastination and exhaustion.

Learning how to use time sensible is important. As the semester rolls on and time becomes compresses it is wise to create a well thought out plan. Probably the most helpful way to is to hear other student’s opinions on ways to study. Since they are going through the same stressful time called finals it might be of some assistance.

A good policy
Athena Mina, a junior at Chaminade, prepares for finals by studying of ahead of time, reading the textbooks and making note cards. The best way for her to concrete is with studying without the television on. Instead she looks for a nice quiet place to study. She suggests for students who tend to procrastinate, to studying in a group with help you stay focused. Waiting until the last minute and being lazy will not get one any help.

Moral Support
Justine Manabat, a senior at Chaminade, feels that moral support is the best way to deal with finals. She said when you have others in the same situation as yourself and cheering for each other it might make you feel more encouragement to do better. When face with multiple exams on the same day the key is not to panic and try not to cram for all of it.

Be healthy
Curtis Washburn, a director and academic advisor at Chaminade, who has been here for the past 11 years, has three pointers for students to help them during finals. He said that remembering to eat healthy by eating fruits and vegetables is important. During finals students have a tendency of eating sugary foods, drinking to much caffeine, or coffee because of stress. It is essential to make sure to stay health. One study habit that students do is to pull all nighters. It is necessary for your brain to function and not be overwhelm is to have a good night rest. Remember to reread over the class syllabus and talk to the professor to see if they have any recommendation for you.

Well prepared
Bradley Esteban, a graduate student at Chaminade, prefers to get a head start on tests. He said two to three weeks before the finals he would start studying and memorizing.

In order to find a good place to study it depends on the individual. Some people prefer to go to coffee shops like Starbucks because they are partial to the external stimulation they get from it. However, others might go to the library since they enjoy the quiet atmosphere better. He would not recommend students to go to study at friend’s houses because to him there are to many distractions.

Esteban said in order to study for more than one exam on the same day he tackles it by studying from the difficult to the easiest final. He does it in that order since he is good at recalling information for the easiest one. He would suggest for students to find something you can do to relax in between, otherwise one tends to overload and stress out more.

“…It’s the part on the individual to find time to take care of themselves first before moving on to any task,” Esteban said.