Top 10 Best Power Rangers


Photo courtesy of Lionsgate

The new group of Power Rangers that will be starring in the upcoming film

By Brad Angelo, Staff Writer

“Power Rangers” is getting an all-new feature film coming out on March 24. With that in mind this is the perfect time to look back at the many rangers who have protected the world from monsters since 1993. Out of all 23 seasons, here are the 10 best Power Rangers of all time.

  1. Adam Park (Turbo Green Ranger)

Starting off the list is one of my personal favorites. Adam started off as the second Black Ranger and ended as the Turbo Green Ranger after being on the show for four straight seasons. He was always charismatic and one of the more naturally athletic rangers. Adam’s actor, Johnny Young Bosh, is actually trained kung Fu and would go on to become a successful voice actor after leaving the show.

  1. Anubis Cruger (SPD Shadow Ranger)

The only non-human looking ranger on the list, Anubis is a dog-like alien and commander of the SPD Rangers. Always a calm and collected leader, halfway through the season he takes his leadership skills out of the office and to the battlefield when he obtains the power of the Shadow Ranger.

  1. Trent Mercer (Dino Thunder White Ranger)

Trent is mind controlled by the main villain to use the White Dino Ranger Power to fight against the other rangers. His power and skill is far superior to any of the other rangers. He even manages to steal a few of the Rangers’ “Zords” and use them against them. The Rangers eventually break the mind control and he becomes a powerful ally.

  1. Merrick Baliton (Wild Force Wolf Ranger)

This Wild Force Ranger is another one who started off evil and eventually turned to the good side. While the rest of the Rangers control different animal spirits that aid them in battle, his wolf spirit controlled him and it forced him to cause chaos and fight the Rangers. With the help of the other Rangers he manages to tame the wolf and used it for good.

  1. Eric Myers (Time Force Quantum Ranger)

Eric one of the most badass rangers out there. He obtained his power by taking the Quantum Ranger Morpher by force before the other Time Force Rangers could acquire it. He would then use the power to defeat monster in his own brutal fashion. He constantly butted heads with the rest of the Time Force Rangers but they eventually came to terms with each other and became close allies after that. He also commands one of the coolest “Zords” ever created, the Quantum-Rex.

  1. Blake and Hunter Bradley (Ninja Storm Thunder Rangers)

These two brothers always fight together and opposed the other three Ninja Storm Rangers for most of the season. Tricked into believing the Ninja Storm rangers killed their adopted parents, they seek revenge on them until they find out the real truth. Both of them were always level headed and cunning and outsmarted the other rangers on multiple occasions.

  1. Andros (Space Red Ranger)

Andros is the first non-Earthling to be a ranger. He’s a human born on a space colony that preferred to fight alone in his quest to rid the galaxy of evil. Andros slowly learns over time the value of being part of a team and how important having friends is while you face against dark forces.

  1. Jason Lee Scott (Original Red Ranger)

The original leader of the Power Rangers, he led the other four rangers against the evil Rita Repulsa and protected the city of Angel Grove for the first two seasons as the Red Ranger and came back as the Gold Ranger for another season. A skilled martial artist and caring friend, he will always be remembered as one of the best. He captured kid’s attention back in the early 90’s and helped spark one of the most popular kids TV shows of all time.

  1. Jen Scotts (Time Force Pink Ranger)

She is the only non-Red Ranger who should have been the leader of the team she was on. Jen was the serious and skillful Ranger of the team while the Red Ranger, Wes, was the slacker. Throughout the season she ends up whipping Wes into shape and teaching him what it truly means to be the leader of a team of rangers.

  1. Tommy Oliver (Original Green Ranger)

He is the first sixth ranger and the original evil ranger. Using the power of the green power coin, the evil Rita Repulsa controls Tommy to do her bidding. After breaking free, he joins the other rangers but can’t control his power. This leads to his obtaining the white ranger powers and becoming the new leader of the Power Rangers. Tommy will then go on to appear in a total of six seasons, becoming the most re-occurring ranger ever. This makes Tommy a sort of a legend among the other rangers. These reasons lead to Tommy becoming the best Power Ranger in history.