Monthly Consumer Celebrations

profit margins on the rise.

profit margins on the rise.

I want to giving thanks to all the retail stores that have managed to kill the spirit of Thanksgiving. Now we can look forward to sales at department stores and long hours for those that work on Black Friday. According to Mother Jones site, more than 1,000 stores in 47 states were open early on Thanksgiving, and stayed open through the night until 10 p.m. on Black Friday. At what point did people lose the value in spending time with your family?


Maybe the corporations are the ones to blame for the lack of time spent with the people we care about. Maybe it’s what the people want. After all it is supply and demand. When I think about it, there’s a consumer-driven celebration every month of the year. It should come as no surprise to see big business taking advantage of every single one of them.



We celebrate the new year with a good drinks and good food. Wake up the next morning for the big New Year’s sale. Then every gym in the country exploits the idea of getting in shape for the new year. After all summer is a few months away.



Lets show her how much we care by taking her out to a fancy dinner, buying her flowers and chocolate. It is Valentine’s Day; if you break your pockets after indulging in more than her stomach can handle, don’t worry no need to feel guilty, that’s why she bought that gym pass last month.



St. Patrick’s Day is a good day to go out and celebrate in an Irish pub. If you’re not wearing green, you better look out, someone might pinch you if they’re about that life. You have to wonder how can a department store profit off a St Patrick’s Day. There’s not much to work with. How about we just turn the whole month into a sale and call it St Patrick’s Day sale or March Madness sales.



For Easter people go out of their way to buy gift-baskets with a ridiculous amount of candies and give it to the kids. To make the celebration a bit more exciting, parents hide plastic eggs all over the front of back yard and have their kid hunting for them to see how many they can find. This is supposed to be the day Jesus resurrected from the dead. It’s not about a rabbit who lays eggs. I had no idea rabbits laid eggs.


If you forgot to tell mom you care all year round, now is the time to make up for it with these great Mother’s Day sales. Nothing says I care more than showering her with gifts and flowers. Wait maybe you’ll need to pass on the flowers. Memorial Day is right round the corner you might need some spending money for the three-day sale.


Don’t forget to tell dad you love him too. In case you forgot, it falls on the third Sunday of the month. I’m sure there’s a Father’s Day sale somewhere out there. If you don’t remember what he likes, play it safe, buy him a new cologne or another watch. Im sure Sears has tools or other guarding appliances for sale.



August may be the only month lacking a holiday, but thankfully, the stores have those wonderful back-to-school sales popping up all over the department stores. “Go back to school in style and buy new clothes for school.” At least the departments stores are trying to keep you from procrastinating with an early sale.



For those who started their school semester, there’s nothing better than a three-day weekend for Labor Day sales. Who are we kidding? We know how college students celebrate Labor Day weekend. They spend it at home with an ice-cold glass of water.



Lets celebrate the accidental discovery of America with Columbus Day sales. Two weeks later we can celebrate Halloween. We need costumes, candy, decorations that will bring out the evil sprits, a mere two months before we celebrate the birth of little baby Jesus.



Daylight savings is over and for the college students out there, it’s time to get your act together because finals are right around the corner. Wait! I almost forgot about Veterans Day sales. After ten months of sales I don’t know why we would need another sale. Black Friday isn’t a holiday, yet, but you wouldn’t know it by the way people shop.



The day after Christmas sales are more for the people that weren’t affected by the year-round ads for these amazing sales. If for whatever reason you simply didn’t take advantage of any of these sales, there’s always next month.