CUH, players need Midnight Madness opener


The CUH men’s and women’s basketball teams would love extra support for the upcoming season.

Chaminade University of Honolulu has a beautiful campus and is filled with amazing people from all over the world. It is an honor to be at CUH and be a part of the athletics program as diverse this.

On the other hand, going to a CUH game can be a drag for students because some games are at random dates or times, and our students lack the incentive to attend a CUH game. But this is great time for CUH athletics to make a stand and take the lead would be during the “midnight” before official basketball practice starts.

Some colleges like to call the event Midnight Madness. This event is held annually on college campuses celebrating the first formal basketball practice permitted by the NCAA around the 15th of October each year. Many college campuses set up entertaining events- more show than practices for the enjoyment of the school. At some schools, both the men’s and women’s teams celebrate the beginning of the regular season together.

Chaminade needs something to look forward to each year; a new event like Midnight Madness would be a great way to attract more interest. Midnight madness does not have to be exactly at midnight, it can start at 7 P.M and end by 9 P.M.

An event this big at Chaminade University of Honolulu would be one of the highlights of many people’s fall semester. The CUH students have the opportunity to enjoy the versatility of being a part of several different clubs. We have a huge gathering in school for this fun day of club signups, but we don’t provide our student body with the chance to see what each club has to offer. Midnight Madness could be that chance to enhance clubs, build school spirit, invite alumni to come back to their alma mater and possibly increase donations.

A college the size of CUH would be going out on a limb to put on an event this theatrical, but the limb is sturdy. Midnight Madness could consist of a dance or performance by the Tahitian Club, Samoan Club or Spanish Club and be broadcasted by the CUH Radio Club, with possible publicity for other Hawaiian radio stations. The event might consist of $1 raffles to win a prize; a player from each team picks a contestant to receive a prize for a half-court shot, and t-shirt giveaways for fans. It all leads to a time for the men’s and women’s basketball team to have a 3-point shooting contest within each team and against each other. It would all end with two short entertaining games and a grand dunking contest that wows and hypes the fans up for the season.

This event would promote community within the university and alumni pride. It would the student body and staff a chance to know the athletes on another level, which enhances school spirit and pride in the university. This kind of support brings athletes enjoyment, feeling of love and ultimately fulfillment in what they do. Some athletes want to feel appreciated for what they do; whether it’s on the court, in the classroom or at a job, everyone needs a boost. After going to classes, enduring rigorous workouts, possibly working a job and volunteering in the community, student athletes deserve to have time to feel that connection with the university’s student body.